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Why we're


Continuous improvement


Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy which focuses on continuous improvement. As investors, we believe that we need to constantly improve our processes in order to evolve and remain flexible to changing markets and conditions.  


At Kaizen we aim to align our entire process and business model with the long-term interests of our investors.  Our sole focus is to deliver superior after tax returns and service to our clients over the medium to long-term. 


Global. Thematic. Nimble.


We invest in sectors with tailwinds, across the globe and independent of company size. We are contrarian and often the cheapest shares are found in sectors where there are temporary clouds - not clear skies - but where demand is likely to rebound. 


Experienced. Early-stage Manager.

Early stage managers that combine enough market experience with a small, but growing pool of capital have often been fertile ground for finding the managers of tomorrow. We believe that we are at this stage of our journey.  


Our Approach - Our D.N.A


  • The investor comes first.

  • We are passionate about investing.

  • Principles come before profits.

  • We are thematic, global investors.

  • We are flexible and nimble.

  • History rhymes so we are alert to those lessons. 



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