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Kaizen Capital

Recapitalization Fund I

Fund facts

Investment Vehicle:  Australian-domiciled unit trust


Investment Manager: Kaizen Capital Pty Ltd


Portfolio Manager:  C Grindlay


Inception:  Jan 2010


Investment Objective: To achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies, across multiple sectors and geographies.


Investor type: Wholesale investors only


Information Memorandum: Available on request, contains important information on strategy, fees, unit-pricing, distributions and application forms.



NOTE: The Fund's composition and exposure changes from time-to-time. The information on this page is accurate as at the date of publication and should not be relied upon to make any investment or other decision. It is indicative of the Fund's diverse global portfolio and general investment strategy.

Historic snapshot of exposure
Investment Process

Rigorous process - company contact


We interact directly with executive management and base our investment decisions on the quantitative data that we discover from them. We do not rely on sell-side research to form our views, nor to make financial projections.


Repeatable, unique process - the 3D cube


We see the world in numbers and have developed a proprietary approach to analysis which we call the 3D cube. This creates structure and a list of key questions that we need to address to be comfortable making an investment.


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