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We are global

value investors

Highly experienced. Professional. Driven. 


Our investment team has worked in major financial centres and at global investment banks. It has interacted with the world's largest institutional investors and companies, and managed money in multi-billion dollar funds for institutional and retail clients. 


We think outside the box, and focus on investing in change. Our cost-conscious approach means that our investors reap the benefits of a higher return on capital. 

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to always put our investors and their interests first. 


We aim to deliver superior returns and service by managing money for wholesale investors - including individuals who qualify as wholesale or sophisticated investors, family offices, companies, and institutions - who have a long-term investment horizon.

We follow a fundamental stock-picking approach and aim to compound capital by investing globally in strong secular themes by finding under-valued companies. 


Our Recapitalization Fund aims to invest in tier 1 or 2 assets where the medium-term supply/demand balance has shifted in favour of stronger pricing power.  To take advantage of the best risk/reward outcome we are able to invest across the capital structure, and in corporate or convertible bonds. 

Our Approach

Thematic. Global. Returns-focused. Dynamic. Nimble. 


We invest in time frames of 5 years and beyond.  We find ourselves in a world where the marginal dollar invested is controlled by fast-money hedge funds and traditional institutions that have holding periods measured in months. This compression of holding periods has made market prices more erratic and reactionary - we believe this is a great opportunity for investors that take the long term view. We are in the weighing - not voting - business.


Unconstrained by an index


Our investment team seeks companies that are undervalued by the market and have growth or recovery potential (for e.g. recapitalisations or turnarounds). Whilst we keep an eye on global benchmarks, to assess relative performance, we are concerned with absolute wealth creation and invest where we have conviction as opposed to an index weighting.

What we do

Search for bargains.


We invest globally into strong thematic trends via companies that we believe are undervalued.  We are bottom-up stock pickers and spend considerable time interacting with executive management, channel checking and analysing industries. 






Kaizen Capital Pty Limited was incorporated in 2009, and received its Australian Financial Services Licence, number: 341988, in January 2010.  We are a global fund manager based in Sydney. 


Kaizen has managed: the Recap Fund - an Australian-domiciled managed investment scheme - for wholesale investors since 2010; and, the investment portfolio of an Australian Listed Investment Company (KGI) since March 2015.  


For further information on the Recap Fund, please click here. Information about KGI is available at  

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